The adventures of Bella the Cow : A Podcast

Introducing Bella the Cow

Bella is a very special cow who experiences all sorts of crazy adventures with her friends Bertha, Joséphine Hilda, farmer Gust and his wife Greta. Bella lives in Obergurgl, high up in the Austrian mountains and … she yodels.  

This independent podcast is a compilation of stories for young children between 5 and 9 years old about a charming cow called Bella.

The adventures of Bella the Cow are accessible on the following platforms:

The origin of Bella the Cow

Bella the Cow was created on December 2012. When Kristien and her family arrived in Obergurgl for a short stay, they realised they had forgotten the children’s books at home. Instead of a nighttime reading, Kristien invented a story on the spot about a cow, and Bella was born.

Kristien Kaelen is a lawyer living in Brussels with her 2 sons.

She has always enjoyed telling stories, first to her own children and later to her nephew and niece. They were the ones who suggested making a book of Bella stories for other children to enjoy. It ended up being a podcast.

Since the beginning of 2021, she has recorded independently about 20 stories in Dutch, French and English.

The stories are punctuated by musical excerpts that she performs on the piano at home. When it comes to pieces with 4 hands, they are performed together with pianist Adeline Leriche.